Distance Healing

I need a current picture of the person to heal and her or his authorization to proceed. If the case is critical because the person is in hospital and cannot communicate, family can contact me and give me authorization.

Payments can be made through Transferwise platform after sending you my bank details.



I mainly work on cases with:

  • skin problems (eczema rash, herpes…)
  • eyes issues : glaucoma, macular degeneration (AMD), chalazions, inflammation
  • fibromyalgia: I offer a special program of 15 sessions combining 5 hours online of follow up  with client and 10 distance healing sessions.  Sessions online  will help client to learn techniques to release pain and decrease anxiety.


  • healing session for specific area with pain (usually 3 sessions are enough)
  • healing for serious disease or critical condition : package or 12 sessions
  • healing for autistic cases: package of 12 sessions


10 000 baths for a package of 10 sessions

20 000 baths for a package of 20 sessions + 5 sessions free


  • healing for pets or plants : I need 2 current pictures of the pet. One showing the full body and one showing the specific area to heal.


Healing face to face

Rates depends on each case. I need first to exchange with clients and see what is the treatment most suitable for them. Some healing packages will be offered to them.

Nevertheless, for fibromyalgia cases or chronical depression, I need 2 to 4 weeks to have positive result on the client.  Clients travelling to Phuket for my healing treatments can also have my assistance  to book an appartment or a villa near my healing place. Sessions can take place every day or every two days.

  • for pets and plants: donation


  • Magnetism healing for pain in a specific area:

          2400 baths  (30mn to 40mn) Muscular pain on upper back and lower back


  • Other Holistic Treaments for 60mn session start from 3000 baths


  • Mindfulness classes online  (English, French and Spanish)
  • Mindfulness classes in private (English, French and Spanish)
  • Mindfulness classes for kids in French and English