Distance Healing


  • healing session for specific area with pain: 100 euros for a package of 3 sessions


  • healing for cancer, serious disease or critical condition :  donation (package of 3 sessions)

Donations to Energetic Healing Center in Phuket

  • healing for pets or plants : donation

Donations to Energetic Healing Center in Phuket


You can proceed to pay with Paypal if you have an account otherwise you can choose to pay with your credit card. Payment can be done through my website. A Paypal button is shown at the presentation page.


Healing face to face

Rates depends on each case. I need first to exchange with clients and see what is the treatment most suitable for them. Some healing packages will be offered to them.

Nevertheless, for fibromyalgia cases or chronical depression, I need 2 to 4 weeks to have positive result on the client.  Clients travelling to Phuket for my healing treatments can also have my assistance  to book an appartment or a villa near my healing place. Sessions can take place every day or every two days.

  • for pets and plants: donation
  • Magnetism healing for pain in a specific area: 2400 baths (around 30mn-40mn session)
  • Other Holistic Treaments for 60mn session start from 3000 baths.