Distance Healing

I need a current picture of the person to heal and her or his authorization to proceed. If the case is critical because the person is in hospital and cannot communicate, family can contact me and give me authorization.

Email: contact@healingthailand.com

Whatsapp: +66 8709 79 672

Payments can be made through Transferwise platform after sending you my bank details.


I mainly work on cases with:

  • skin problems (eczema rash, herpes…)
  • eyes issues : glaucoma, macular degeneration (AMD), chalazions, inflammation
  • other body areas with pain
  • life blockages


10 000 baths for a package of 10 sessions

20 000 baths for a package of 20 sessions + 5 sessions free


  • healing for pets or plants : I need 2 current pictures of the pet. One showing the full body and one showing the specific area to heal. (donation)


Healing face to face

I don´t offer anymore individual  sessions at my healing place.

I am launching now my own wellness program with a. minimum duration of 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to  6 days.

This program will offer several activities and housing.

Contact me for more information.