Anna Howard

Dambrin danièle

Anna Howard

A Big Shift

I was introduced to Esmeralda through a dear friend of mine. I wasn’t in a good place and I am so greatful to have come to meet her.

Esmeralda made me feel very at ease with the healing process. I had a Premium Session for about an hour or so with her. I was very receptive to this magnetic healing. My body and mind really shifted through this healing and after a day or so, I really felt I had sorted out my life a little more, got my voice back and felt calmer with what was ahead. The healing was very strong, like nothing I have experienced before. I feel like she was a miracle worker. I walked out feeling just so much better and able to get on with it.

I returned 3 days later for a follow up session before going home to Australia. Again, although this session was shorter, it wasn’t as strong and powerful, but I felt it gave me more strength and courage and filled my soul and mind with some tools I needed to work through my issues.

This is a very personal journey and I feel very grateful to have been introduced to Esmeralda and will be in contact with her anytime I feel I need some healing. Thank you xxxx

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