Marlène Sebastianutto

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Marlène Sebastianutto

I was recently introduced to Esmeralda and was immediately seduced by her warm and friendly personality. Without the shadow of a doubt, I decided to be treated by her. I was suffering for more than a year from a strong pain in the left part of my body irradiating to the shoulder and chest causing serious headaches, loss of strength and lack of energy, impairing even my work as I need to hold heavy pieces of porcelain while painting. After just one session the tenderness almost disappeared and I regained strength. I had two more sessions to realign my energies and unblock my chakras. Since then, I feel incredibly well; my body feels lighter and every day I wake up full of energy, happy and more creative.
I tried several kinds of different healings and holistic therapies in my life and it is the first time that someone could truly and so effectively bring me total physical and soul relief.

Every day, I thank the providence that put Esmeralda on my path and I cannot thank her enough for her care, warmth and friendship. I recommend Esmeralda to all my friends who come to visit us in Phuket, and the ones who have been treated by her cannot express enough how grateful they are for the help and wellbeing she brought back to their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Porcelain Painter and Multi Media Artist

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