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Feeling blessed!

The last seven years I’ve been struggling with health issues that range from chronic pain in my whole body, fatigue, anxiety, mind fog and tinnitus.
I’ve undergo extensive tests and treatment but none of the dokters could make a diagnosis. Nothing helped!

I decided to explore beyond western medicine and found Esmeralda’s website and decided to give it a shot!

I contacted Esmeralda and signed up for three sessions whilst on holiday in Phuket. When i first met with Esmeralda it felt like i new her all of my life because she has such a warm energetic personality that i could relate to. Esmeralda is a kind and compassionate person. She is very professional and dedicate much of her time to help animals and people in need.

After my first session i felt much more relaxed and could even take on the hectic traffic with a smile. 😊
Esmeralda explained to me that my situation was very complex and would take some time to heal. She also went a step further and said that she believes that I’ve got Fibriomyalgia, and indeed all the symotoms pointed towards Fibriomyalgia.

Esmeralda also identified a bad experience in my past and explained how it was related to the pain in my arms and hands.
After the three sessions I felt re-energized and spiritual lifted. My pain was better but not gone.
After returning to South Africa, Esmeralda followed-up on my wellbeing. Three months after returning from Phuket i noticed that the pain in my chest and lower back completely disappeared.

My experience with Esmeralda and her gift of healing was truly outstanding and therefore i highly recommend Esmeralda’s treatment.

Thanks Esmeralda!!

Petrus Harmse


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