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Sam C

Over the last few years

Over the last few years I have been battling with clinically diagnosed depression and anxiety. I was prescribed medication for this without any real signs of improvement, and the side effects of the medication we’re not ideal.

I decided to try Reiki and Magnetism on recommendation of a friend, so I found Esme online.

I did a premium package with her and did multiple sessions for reiki and magnetism, and then added in her recommendation of doing therapy sessions with her followed by reiki and magnetism.

Esme helped me identify key issues from my past that had caused emotional blockages. She discovered these blockages through the energy healing. She then helped me identify the experiences in my past that created these blockages though our therapy sessions.

I feel so much lighter and have much clarity today due to the breakthroughs we had in her sessions, and am on the journey to feeling whole again.

Thanks Esme!


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