Sudarawee Matsuyama

Marie-Dominique de France

Sudarawee Matsuyama

Emotional and stress release

I actually came to Esme for my son’s healing. He is quite hyper and got anxious easily. We went to see Esme in April and then in October. Each time we did about 9 sessions.

I, myself, got stress easily and was too tense. When I met unexpected things, I got stressed very quickly. Small things became very very big.

After the healing, I became much more relaxed and handle things better. I felt more content and felt happier. For my son, I got report from his school that he became much calmer and less anxious.

We are planning to go back to Phuket again next year. For some who don’t know Magnetism, my recommendation is Try if you have stress, anxiety and pain. My friend also went there for a few sessions and his chronic pains from many years ago was much much less.

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