Tina Maria

Martine D.

Tina Maria

I have known Esmeralda for over 3 years now, as a friend and adopter of one of my rescue dogs. Recently, she discovered her healing talent and came to our shelter to work on some of the dogs. One of the dogs that usually can’t be handled just laid there with her, while she worked on him, we were all amazed. She worked on a few of the dogs, then, as she is aware, I have a great deal of pain with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, so she tried working on me a little, under the very worst of circumstances. At that time I didn’t really feel much difference.
However, several days later, she did a cleansing on my home and on me, within 3 days I had gone from a pain level of 9-10/10 down to about 4.5/10, then four days later, pain was about a 1.5/10 and has stayed that way since, or even less! It has now been almost two months and my pain is only just there, actually it’s more of an awareness of those parts I usually feel the greatest pain. I can’t wait for another session, I’m so excited and amazed at how effective she is. Just 10 weeks ago, I had x-rays on my neck and I was advised I would need injections into my spine, done in an MRI machine. Now there is no need.
Thank you, my dear, amazing, kind, loving friend. ❤


Bodhi Shelter, Phuket-Thailand


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