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Energy Healing Therapist in Phuket

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Approved International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine

Specialised in Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) in the field of autism


ACCESS BARS ® Practitioner

My holistic treatments specialised in chronical back pain and fibromyalgia

After more than twenty years specialized in opening Asian markets for European SMEs, I decided to undertake a new way of life in the holistic field.
Since I was young, I inherited the gift of clairvoyance from my mother. Over time, my practice of yoga and meditation transported me to the world of energy healing.
It is by surprise, in Dubai in 2016, that I discovered my healing gift. So I practiced on close people at first and step by step my intuition drove me on the path of specific treatments. Today, at fifty one years old, I find myself dealing with all kinds of problems even though I have no an initial scientist career (back pain, skin problems, insomnia, depression and addictions ...)
Through my intuition, I develop my healing treatments and adapt them to every circumstance. I also followed a Reiki course to understand the difference between healing magnetism and this Japanese technique.
Today I practise both, healing magnetism and Reiki.
Based at the south of Thailand, in Phuket, my clientele has become international and I receive people from different continents.
I  treat children with autism or hyperactivity when families are open to try alternative treatments like energy healing. In addition, I am  specialising in intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) with Canada for autistic cases.

I consult in French, Spanish and English.

I thank life for leading me on this new path. Every passing day, I experience a deep peace inside myself. I also understood that we all have a destiny in spite of the choices we can make.


From 2020 I will start offering sessions in Paris. I offer healing sessions for pets and plants in Phuket only.

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Esméralda - Donations Chiens


My healing on pets and plants is free. Any donation is welcome and will help to take care of street dogs and street cats that need help and care at vet clinics.

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