Magnetism is part of alternative medicine or holistic medicine.

It is a technique of care based on the transfer of energy from one human body to another
The therapist has a healing gift called "magnetism healing" and transfers his vital energy to the patient to help stabilize a pain or a physical or emotional disorder.

This gift is manifested by the feeling of vibration through the hands. The energy healer perceives the vibrations emitted from the patient body with different frequencies of magnetic waves.
This allows him to quickly detect troubles or dysfunctions of organs, concrete members or different energetic bodies of the patient.

The patient can then feel heat, tremors, electric currents ... Each person perceives differently the same gesture of healer.

If the patient is on medication, it is imperative that he / she continue treatment. The healer, under any circumstances, cannot recommand his client to stop taking any medication. It is up to him to consult his doctor and inform him.

Some people react very quickly to the sessions. Others less quickly. It all depends on the state of the person who comes to be treated.

My energy healing treatments have effects on:

  1. Stress, anxiety and depression
  2. Grief and bereavement support
  3. Insomnia
  4. Addiction to alcohol and drugs
  5. Skin disease (fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis, herpes)
  6. Wound treatment (for diabetic)
  7. Various pain (muscular or other)
  8. Digestive problems
  9. Autism and hyperactive children

In my specific case, I am mainly specialized in treating cases that have already consulted doctors, specialists, psychologists or psychotherapists. When these various options have not had concrete results of improvement, then I follow the patient.

I offer ongoing sessions for clients outside of Thailand who come specifically to Phuket to meet me. These are energy treatments accompanied by psychological support over a period of 10 or 15 days. (These treatments are especially suitable for depressive cases, addictions or patients who have physical disorders that conventional medicine fails to detect to cure them)

Psoriasis - Energetic Healing Center in Phuket 01Psoriasis - Energetic Healing Center in Phuket 02
Diabetic wounds - Energetic Healing Center in Phuket 01Diabetic wounds - Energetic Healing Center in Phuket 01


Reiki (Divine or Cosmic Energy) is a Japanese healing technique. It is part, like healing magnetism, of methods of energy treatments.
It appears at the end of the 19th century in Japan. Coming from a Samurai family, Dr. Mikao Usui founded this technique based on the transfer of universal energy and spiritual awaking.
During his existence he experienced a new feeling of energy in his hands. He discovered that Reiki, which is practiced by specific hands position on the body of the person, produces a great well being with beneficial effects on health.
Dr. Mikao Usui initiated a large number of people to continue his therapeutic mission.

Reiki allows, through the transfer of universal energy, to relax and in some cases to treat and cure illness. This natural and beneficial technique is now widespread through the teaching of Reiki Masters in Europe and other continents. Some hospitals recognize this technique as an alternative medicine and Reiki care is reimbursed in Germany and by some mutuals in Switzerland.
In the United States, more than 800 hospitals offer Reiki healing

Reiki sessions are 50 to 60 minutes.

Reiki acts on:

- the decrease of anxiety
- muscular tension
- the effects of pain
- accelerates healing
- helps in pre and postoperative health status


I like working on dead plants or trees. Even if they do not live anymore, it seems they can recover with energy healing.
That tree had been practically dead for two years. In October 2019, I decided to try to do some energetic healing on it to see if it could feel my energy.
From that moment, the leaves started to grow on all the empty branches of the tree and in 3 months it became "alive" and with small white bell-shaped flowers. 

Being my passion, pets are one of my priorities. I am at disposal of pet owners to help as much as I can if they want to try natural healing by magnetism. My fluid is good for  treating skin problems and other diseases. Nevertheless, I do not accept pets under chimiotherapy or stereoids if they come after several weeks of such therapy. Those treatments have not been helping during my last cases. When the pet is so weak, he or she  has difficulty in absorbing this chimical medecine and it makes no sense for me to spend time on her or him. My cases showed that they became worse with chimical treatments.



I do distance treatments on request.

For this, I ask for a recent photo and the authorization of the person who needs the treatment.

My distance treatments are intended to:

-soothe pain on specific areas of the body
-energetic cleansing
-cancer or other serious illnesses where the patient requires holistic distance care.
- For animals and plants, it is the same principle. It's about calming the animal and improving its health. For plants my aim is to recover their energy so that they can be healthy.

I offer different packages depending on the case (individual or family package)

The photos must be as recent as possible, with a head to toe shot and a clear wall in the background without furniture or electrical outlets.

If the person has a specific problem on a part of the body, then I ask for a complementary photo on this part.


I work on semi-precious stones by purifying and magnetizing them.

Do you wish to have a stone which resembles you, which brings you comfort and brings you a healing energy?

The choice of a stone is very subjective because it must transmit to you at first sight a message which makes you feel good. If for some reason you feel a rejection, then this stone is not for you.

A stone must have a vibration that raises your energy, you must feel that it brings you comfort, a certain well-being.

My mission is to charge the stone you are going to wear with intentions. This will harmonize your body energy and will purify it.

I can send stone pendants all over the world.


I have just created a holistic program to treat people who suffer from anxiety, depression and obesity related to stress.

I propose a one to two week stay in Phuket. I will be your coach-therapist during this period.

An "Express" program is also available with a duration of 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for those that cannot stay longer in the island.

The program includes a daily follow-up and various activities. I will take charge of the client upon arrival to work with him/her during the period he has chosen.

My goal is to reduce signs of anxiety or depression. I have developed a comprehensive program to help the person raise her or his vibratory rate and change her or his state of mind.

 I offer:

  • unique energy sessions in my specialty to rebalance the chakras
  • a daily practice of one hour of a wrestling sport to improve self-confidence
  • a follow-up in brief therapies (if necessary) to work on traumas, blockages or fears as well as grieving.
  • a support with practice of mindfulness meditation

The stay will be in a private villa with a swimming pool near the beach of Naiharn.
The client will have half a day to go to the beach or to do some shopping. The idea is to relax after the sessions.

Bookings must be done minimum 2 weeks before for:

  • 3 days program (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)
  • 1 or 2 weeks program

Please contact me for more information at:

- Whatsapp: +66 8709 79 672

- Email: contact@healingthailand.com