Autism Guardian Assembly - PHUKET

I’m interested in children with neurological disorders.
In 2017, I started working with children on the autism spectrum. In collaboration with the Phuket Autism Association, I treated the various cases recorded with energy treatments. The results were very satisfactory. At the request of various families, I continued my support for children (aged 4 to 19) for a further 3 years. I then set up Intensive Behavioural Intervention sessions to correct the inappropriate behaviour of the cases being treated. Trained in Canada in this specific therapy, I have been able to advance and help various cases.

In the course of my therapeutic development, I have also focused my attention on children with ADD or ADHD.
I have followed other training courses adapted to this type of disorder. Today, I devote part of my holistic work to helping these children by providing them with therapeutic support as well as help with their schoolwork. For French-speaking children, my sessions have the advantage of benefiting from my skills as a certified teacher of French as a Foreign Language. This allows me to tailor my therapeutic sessions to each child if they are having problems at school.
In order to make progress and bring about real improvements in a child’s behaviour, it is preferable to intervene from an early age. At the moment, the age group I treat in Phuket is around 5 years old. With the parents’ agreement, I can create a programme for older children. This is done on a case-by-case basis.

My treatments can be applied to autistic and hyperactive children

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