Autism Guardian Assembly - PHUKETI am particularly interested in autism disorders and communication problems in children. That’s why I felt the need to try to work on autistic cases in Phuket. Currently, the island has just over 200 cases. It is from the Austism Guardian Assembly (Phuket Autistic Association) that my experience with teenagers began on January 20, 2017.
My energy healing treatments have given surprising results in 6 months. Most of the cases treated improved their condition by 30 to 50%. In the majority of cases, the sessions practiced showed that cases sleep longer, (2 to 3 hours more after each session), their moods stabilized and the parents observed a better concentration on the tasks performed.
In addition, in some cases, verbal communication has improved significantly with larger number of words and a better understanding of conversations with parents. Some even socialized with schoolmates when they had never done it before.
At the request of the President of Guardian Autism Assembly, I continue to this day my volunteer work for this association. Following the very encouraging results, I was asked to continue my care for a year and a half more.

My treatments can be applied to autistic and hyperactive children

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